The Joy of Wearing Socks to Bed

"the joy of wearing socks to bed"

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It’s not even winter yet, but it’s been abnormally cold for fall. As an LA girl, I’m definitely not used to this. But thankfully, I discovered the joy of wearing socks to bed.

Full disclaimer – when I lived in a warmer climate, I never wore socks. I’d wear flip flops or flats just to avoid wearing them out. And whenever I got the chance to be home in my pajamas (which as you know I took as often as possible), I’d go barefoot.

Wearing socks to bed was unheard of! They are too hot and too constricting, I’d complain. But that was before I had to deal with fall and twenty-degree temperatures. Now, socks are some of my favorite pajama accessories!

Wearing Socks to Bed When it’s Cold

Wearing socks to bed when it’s cold outside has been a game changer! They definitely keep me noticeably warmer throughout the night. And have you ever gotten up in the middle of the night to use the restroom on a cold winter night with bare feet? Do you remember the shock of your warm feet touching that ice-cold linoleum? It’s miserable! And in this weather, even the carpet gets cold, so my poor feet get shocked as soon as I get off the bed! All of this can easily be avoided by wearing socks to bed.

Is it Better to Sleep with Socks on or Socks off?

As it turns out, sleeping with socks on is proven to be one of the best ways to keep your feet warm at night. If you don’t believe me, read this take-away article from Healthline about all the health benefits.

Clearly, if you get cold feet (no pun intended!), it’s better to sleep with socks on. And, as a bonus, it helps you fall asleep faster! I didn’t even know that, I was just trying to stay warm!

"wearing socks to bed"
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Why is it Good to Sleep with Socks on?

Sleeping with socks on is good for a few reasons. First, and most importantly, it helps keep you warm! That’s really my only reason for sleeping with them on, and guess what? It works.

Staying warmer at night leads to better sleeping as well. No more waking up because my feet are freezing and I’m uncomfortable!

The Healthline article I cited above gives a few more reasons why it’s good to sleep with socks on – so it’s not just to avoid the cold! Wearing socks also helps prevent hot flashes, improve cracked heals, and decrease the chances of Raynaud’s Attack.

Risks of Wearing Socks to Bed

I searched and searched, but I could not find any reputable source stating that it was bad or risky to sleep with socks on. There are myths that it might lead to brain damage (don’t even get me started on how that would be possible, I don’t know) but there is nothing that I could find that would support that.

The verdict is that wearing socks to bed isn’t any riskier than wearing anything else to bed. And with all the benefits I just listed, it’s definitely something to consider!

What are the Best Socks to Wear to Bed?

If you’re wearing socks to bed for health reasons, you should talk to your doctor for the best socks to wear to bed. But, if like me, you just want to stay warm and toasty, I have a ton of options for you!

Warm Winter Socks

For the coldest of winter nights, I recommend the warmest socks you can get to keep yourself extra toasty.  My favorite are these amazing Pom Pom fleece socks from Macy’s. They are made with polyester, but have a fleece lining that keeps you super toasty. And the little poms make them so adorable! They also come in purple!

For some reason, most stores don’t have a lot of warm winter sock options for the fellows. That’s so unfair, men like to stay warm at night too! But don’t worry fellows, I’ve got you covered. Kohl’s has these amazing thermal slipper socks that are made just for you. They retain heat, but are also moisture wicking, which helps prevent your feet from sweating at night.

If neither of those options works for you, check out this amazing selection of toasty warm socks at JC Penny. You’ll definitely find something to fit your style and budget!

Compression Socks

Another great sock option is compression socks. Not only do they keep your feet warm, but they have other benefits as well. They boost circulation and decrease leg swelling. My favorite compression socks are these colorful ones on Amazon. I’m partial to the ones with the hearts and polka dots, but they have a variety of color options to meet everyone’s tastes.

Fun Socks

Sometimes those puffy winter socks are just a bit too much, especially when it’s just above freezing. Your feet are going to sweat up a storm if you wear those! I get it. Those socks are only for the coldest winter nights.

For not so cold winter nights, check out these fun cat printed striped socks  from Macy’s. They are lighter-weight and more breathable, but will still keep your feet from freezing at night (and on the linoleum in the morning!). I’m also a huge fan of these Van Gogh socks. How fun!

It’s way easier to find fun novelty socks for the fellows than it is to find the warm socks. I guess guys are allowed to have a good time! I’m definitely partial to these Beatles socks – staying warm and showing your love of one of the greatest bands of all time is always a great idea. But these Simpson’s socks are also a lot of fun. If it’s hard to chose – just get both! You can never have enough socks!

More Socks

If none of the stuff above fits your needs, check out Woven Pair. They have a variety of sock colors and styles, and even have a sock subscription box! They are definitely one of the best places to go if you love a variety of sock options.

Have You Tried Wearing Socks to Bed?

What are you waiting for? It’s definitely a life changer in the winter. Get some fun quirky socks and give it a try tonight, then tell me in the comments whether it’s changed your life. I’m waiting.

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