What Are Pajama Accessories?

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Jama Time is the premier blog for pajamas and pajama accessories. We say that all the time, so you are probably thinking “Just what the heck are pajama accessories?”. I’m glad you asked!

What are Pajama Accessories?

Pajama accessories are all the things that go with pajamas. Pajamas in and of themselves are amazing, and we want to wear them all the time. But we here at Jama Time feel that you need to accessorize pajamas in the same way that you accessorize all other aspects of your wardrobe. In fact, you are probably already doing it without even realizing it!

In our opinion, there are two main categories of pajama accessories. These are pajama outerwear and pajama gear. 

Pajama Outerwear

Pajama outerwear is the most accessory-like of the pajama accessories. It’s literally the stuff you wear with pajamas that aren’t generally categorized as pajamas. We’re mostly talking about robes, slippers, and socks in this category. However, it can also include scarves (hell yes I wear scarves with my pajamas!) and flannels that may not necessarily be considered pajamas.

My favorite pajama outwear item is my amazing Charter Club Sherpa-Trim robe. This amazingly plush piece of fabric keeps me warm in the house when I stay home in my pajamas (which is really all the time). I prefer the soft pink color, it brings out my eyes. 

I also really love this spa robe. It’s tucked away for the winter (because it’s so cold where I live and the flannel keeps me warmer!) but it’s definitely going to get added back into the rotation this spring. If you live in warmer climates (like I used to – I’m so jealous!).

Pajama Footwear

Footwear is also a must-have pajama accessory. I wrote an entire post about the joys of wearing socks to bed (they keep your feet ever so warm!), but they are also a ton of fun to wear throughout the day.  My favorites for the day time are these amazing Van Gogh socks from Macy’s. They are basically crew socks, but they have the image of the Starry Night on them. You can’t beat that! If you are super into socks, check out woven pair. They even have a subscription box!



The final piece of the pajama outerwear puzzle is slippers. Yes, I wear them with socks! Sometimes I just wear the slippers, and sometimes I just wear the socks -it really depends on how cold it is and how lazy I’m being. My favorite slippers for the winter are these warm bootie slippers from JC Penny. They are so warm and cozy! But they also have a rubberized bottom, so I can wear them out on my front stoop to let the dogs in and out, regardless of the weather.

These black cat slippers are super cute as well – and just the ticket for those of you who want calf-high slippers. 

Pajama Gear

Blankets and Pillows

Although my robe is amazing, it doesn’t always keep my legs as toasty as I’d like. That’s where blankets and throws come in! I’m not going to lie, I might have a blanket problem. I have two on me while we speak, and can see another four laying around the living room in various spots (one is covering the hole the dog chewed in the couch, so there’s that. Blankets have tons of uses!).

I love love love the fleece blankets. In fact, most of my blankets are fleece. They are so light weight and soft though, how can you not love them? I get most of my fleece blankets from Target – they have the best prices and are always high in quality.  

Pillows are also a great pajama accessory, and I don’t mean sleepy time pillows. In fact, I think this lounging pillow is the only pillow that you need as a pajama accessory, and you can get it on Amazon. It’s great for lounging, reading, and just hanging out in the house. I love the different ways you can use it to get the best support for you. It’s definitely a must have if you’re going to live your life in pajamas (and you definitely should, it’s the best!).

Cozy Drinks

I know, drinks aren’t generally considered accessories, but can you think of something that goes better with pajamas in the evening than a hot cup of tea? And what better way to start your morning than with pjs and a warm cup of coffee?



These cozy drinks really make your pajama time complete, which is why we consider them (and everything you need for them) a vital piece of pajama gear. 

My favorite cozy drink right now is Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time tea. It’s caffeine free, so I can drink it any time of day (but I usually limit it to the nighttime). It’s made with an amazing blend of spearmint, chamomile, and lemongrass, so it’s super flavorful as well. 


Another amazing accessory for your life in pajamas is a good book. t Amazon is a great resource for all things books. Grab a good one, curl up in your favorite pajamas with a warm cup of tea, and really get a feel for why we strive to live our lives in pajamas. This is living, isn’t it? We should all spend all of our time enjoying our lives in pajamas!

Right now, I’m reading House of Leaves by Mark Danielweski. I don’t want to spoil anything, but it’s an amazing concept that plays with structure and the way our brains work in a way that I’ve never experienced before. It’s technically in the horror genre I think, but I find the way the book is put together much more fascinating than the story itself, which to me isn’t all that scary.

What is Your Favorite Pajama Accessory?

I can’t decide between my robe and my blanket (all of them!). I love all of my pajama accessories. But I want to hear from you! Do you have a favorite? Is there something that you consider to be an amazing pajama accessory that we haven’t discussed? Let me know in the comments!

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