Why You Need Flannel Pajamas

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Winter is just getting started, and trust the pajama expert, you are going to need flannel pajamas to get through it. Find out why flannel pjs are this season’s must have wardrobe piece for your warm nights in!

Why You Need Flannel Pajamas

Flannel pajamas are one of the best options for winter pajamas. If you want to stay warm and comfortable all night long in the winter, they are definitely a must have. Flannel pajamas are perfect for both the coldest winter nights and for lounging at home with the perfect book and cup of tea. And, flannel is such a versatile fabric that you can wear your flannel pjs out for a quick coffee or milk run and nobody will even notice! Everybody needs some flannel pajamas in their wardrobe.

Let’s get into the qualities that make flannel pajamas such a must have. There are four main reasons why flannel pajamas are amazing (especially in the winter), and those are because they are warm, stylish, comfortable, and breathable.


If you remember, flannel pajamas were one of my top choices for the best pajamas for winter. This is because they are oh so good at keeping you warm. There’s a reason why the stereotypical North-woodsy lumberjacks wear flannel all the time – they are amazing at keeping you warm! This is why flannel pjs are a must have for cold winter nights.


An additional advantage to flannel pajamas is how stylish they are. I know, you aren’t going to be going to any black-tie events or nightclubs in your flannel pajamas (they aren’t that stylish!) but flannel is definitely a fabric that’s been in the public eye for quite some time.

why you need flannel pajamas
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In the nineties, you could easily get away with wearing flannel out and about as part of grunge movement. Kurt Cobain and Nirvana made tying a spare flannel around your waist fashionable. Flannel made a comeback into mainstream culture in the early 2010s with the hipster movement. Sam and Dean from the beloved show Supernatural wear flannel all the time. Clearly, it’s a fabric with a history of public acceptance and utility. That makes it easy to run to the store in your favorite flannel pjs, without feeling like you’re wearing your pajamas (but really- who cares? I wear my pajamas in public all the time).


Another great aspect of flannel is that it’s super soft and comfortable. Most flannel (real flannel) is made from 100% cotton. Although that means you will have to be weary of shrinkage – make sure you buy the correct size!

I love wearing flannel all the time just because of how cozy it is! It’s one of the most versatile materials, and perfect for an awesome pair of winter pajamas.


The last reason why you need flannel pajamas is that they are breathable. Fleece may be warmer, and more ideal for the coldest of winter nights, but on those mid-range nights where the temperate fluctuates, you’re going to want flannel.

This material absorbs moisture and then releases it into the air, rather than trapping the moisture in. This mean that if it gets a bit warmer and you sweat at night, you’ll dry out rather than stay wet. This is super important, since it will actually keep you warmer overall. And nobody likes to be sweaty while they are sleeping, right?

The Best Flannel Pajamas

Ok, so now that we’ve established why you need flannel pjs, let’s give you some options on which ones you should get. These two options are great because flannel pajamas are pretty much the same wherever you get them (as long as you find the 100% cotton varieties) and these two companies offer competitive pricing (and free shipping if you use Amazon Prime!).

Speaking of Amazon, they have some great options for flannel pajamas. Pajama Mania is a brand that is very active on Amazon, and they offer a ton of 100% cotton flannel pajama options.  Some are super cute and flowery, while others are the traditional red checkered flannel. Whatever your style, Pajama Mania on Amazon has you covered.

Amazon has the guys covered as well. There are great options for flannel pjs available here for the fellows. Guys, you can get this set from Hanes for less than thirty bucks, and they also come in a variety of colors to meet everyone’s fashion sense.

But if Amazon isn’t your thing, you can also get a great set of flannel pajamas at Target. My favorite is this cozy-stars set (I prefer to buy a set over individual pieces – but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to sets!)

What’s Your Favorite Set of Flannel Pajamas?

Do you have a pair of flannel pjs that you are completely in love with? I want to hear about them! Tell me why they are your favorites in the comments!

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